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For moments of fun and enjoyment for your children, go to the playground Engomi'' PARTY ANIMALS''. It is a very nice designed place to offer a fun and safe environment for children aged 1 to 10 years.

The playground '' PARTY ANIMALS'', began operation in 2000 and within a very short time we struggled to create many young and old friends, offering quality services in a creative and pleasant environment.

We created the playground to provide plenty of entertainment, relaxation and fun for kids. The playground is designed so that children can play safely and have fun with their friends.

The playground PARTY ANIMALS'', covers all the requirements and safety standards. We offer endless hours of joy and play and to organize children's birthday parties and gatherings.

Also available for summer outdoors where they undertake the most important small detail, the organization of every celebration responsibly and well trained staff. We know that being part of a childhood memory is responsibility, not just business.

There is also a specially designed space for recreation attendants of children where they can relax and enjoy coffee or a drink from the cafe PARTY ANIMALS''

The playground "PARTY ANIMALS'' offer .....

Various options for games and activities.
Complete organization for children's parties, which include invitations, decorations and delicious treats from selected suppliers.
Lounge with TV and magazines for accompanying children.
Specially designed area for children up to 4 years.
In the playground'' Party Animals' can be visited nurseries and kindergartens.
We take events such as birthdays, name days, etc. covering all requirements and details they need.

If you would like more information on services and facilities, the playground'' PARTY ANIMALS'', do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to serve you and entertain you and your children in the near future.

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